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  • Korean drama with subtitles
  • Subtitles only available in Spanish
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Editorial review

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 0.3
ViiKii Desktop Plug-in is a free plug-in that makes it possible to view YouTube videos with subtitles and captions in your own language. This plug-in is intended for, a website where we can find many YouTube video with subtitles/captions added by contributors.
These contributors are people around the world who are fluent in two languages (or more): the language of the source video and the language of the subtitles/captions, moreover, they work for no money. It is possible to join this project, and add our subtitles/captions, and/or offer to correct the ones made by other users.

There are many languages available, and we have the possibility to have up to five active languages at a time. Some videos have subtitles in many languages while others have no subtitles at all. After we open a video, we can set to display the subtitles in any language they are available. The videos are classified by categories: countries, music, drama, movies, animations, etc. The highest number of videos are under the drama category, which has more than 850 dramas from all over the world.
This plug-in is delivered free of charge.


  • International free project.
  • YouTube videos with subtitles/captions.
  • Free plug-in.


  • None found.

Publisher's description

There are cases where user links to third party sites do not work / don't stream well due to heavy traffic. A simple solution to resolve this it is by installing the ViKi Plugin program, which allows you to play the videos. The plugin is safe and quick to install and you don't need to do anything to it once installed. We are working on phasing away the plug-in very soon by finding solutions.
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